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CUE files for radio shows

I frequently download the radio shows of Armin van Buuren (A State Of Trance) and Above & Beyond (Trance Around The World). The download sources provide one single mp3 file, and therefore skipping tracks in the radio show is not very easy. A CUE Player plugin for Winamp is able to ‘split’ this file and show all the tracks as single files in the playlist (without actually splitting the file to separate mp3 files). Now the only problem is, where to get cue files. Recently I found a very nice site providing a lot of cue files for various radio shows: CueNation. By using this tool you can create your own cue files.

Building a home server part 1

I recently decided to build my own Ubuntu home server with the following requirements:

  • Low energy consumptionUbuntu server
  • Small
  • Noiseless

A friend of mine recommended the Asus EEE Box. However, this machine was released a year ago and the price didn’t drop much. And besides, Intel recently released the new Atom generation. Therefore I decided to build my own machine with the following components:

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WordPress IIS URL Rewrite rules

This WordPress blog is installed on an IIS 7.0 webserver. In order to use nice permalinks without index.php in it (such as, a rewrite engine has to be used. Since there is no mod_rewrite for IIS, my web hoster installed Microsoft’s URL Rewrite Module. On this page I found the rules to add in the web.config file.

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Recover Windows XP on Samsung NC10

A few weeks ago my virus software removed a .sys file because it was ‘infected’ with a virus. As a result my Windows XP didn’t boot anymore, even in safe mode. Since it was time for a fresh Windows XP install I tried to start the recovery cd using an USB CD-ROM player. Apparently the recovery cd wasn’t bootable. Luckily Samsung had another option; pressing F4 in the bios startup screen. This didn’t work either since I used Grub to choose between Windows XP and Ubuntu. Continue reading Recover Windows XP on Samsung NC10