Building a home server part 2

In part 1 I described the requirements and hardware for my home server. In this post I will tell about unpacking and assemblage of the home server.

Home server componentsHome server components unpacked

I started removing the the harddisk and cd-rom bay from the Antec ISK 300-65 case. Then I installed the motherboard (Asus AT5NM10-I with Intel Atom D510):

Home server motherboard installed

I plugged in all the cables and put back the cd-rom and harddisk bay:

Home server harddisk installed

The server ready to boot:

Home server finished

The server is now running Ubuntu server. One of my next project will be an HTPC. This case looks fine for a HTPC as well, however, it doesn’t come with an IR module/remote and there’s only space for a slim 5.25 inch optical drive so a Blu Ray drive probably won’t fit. Besides of that, I think I will wait for Nvidia’s ION 2 platform as well.

8 thoughts on “Building a home server part 2

  1. Hi Marthijn,

    I really liked you setup and planning to built one for my home. I have a quick question for you: Is this system noisy? Can you sleep 3 meters away from the server box? I guess the only cause of noise is the fans of the case. What is your experience? Besides that what do you think about the Momentus 7200? I am reading that people are experiencing lots of problems with that drive. Would you buy a 40 GB SSD or 500 GB Momentus if they are exactly the same price?

    Thanks a lot!

  2. Hi Marthijn,

    I just set up a server with and Asus AT5NM10-I mobo and having problems with fan noise.
    Did you experience anything like that?
    Did you fix it somehow?

    Thank you and regards.

  3. Hi Antonio,

    I don’t have problems with the fan noise. There’s a fan controller located on the back of the case (the motherboard itself doesn’t have a fan..). The fan is running on the lowest speed at the moment, and I can only hear it when its very quiet in my room.

    Regards and good luck, Marthijn.

  4. Hi Martijn,

    thank you for your response, I was actually referring to the case fan.
    It starts at maximum speed and never slows down.
    I would like to keep the fan running even on this fanless mobo (summer is approaching and you never know …) but need to fix the speed issue.


  5. The lowest speed of the fan controller isn’t slow enough? I can’t barely hear it!

  6. Hi Martijn,
    First of all, many thanks for sharing your home server experience. I have used your post as a reference to assemble a very similar computer (same Asus motherboard, same Antec case but different disks). I have got anyway a question about the case fan. The fan cable of the case has a Molex power connector. Should I connect the Molex connector of the fan cable directly to the power supply of the case or should I connect the fan cable to the Chassis Fan connector (CHA_FAN) on the motherboard using a Molex to 3 pins adapter?
    Many thanks and regards,

  7. Hi Pierre,
    I connected the fan directly to the power supply. By using the fan controller on the back of the case you can change the rotation speed. Since the motherboard is not producing very much heat I use the lowest speed. I think a nicer solution is to use the motherboard connector so the operating system can regulate the fan speed, but in my setup I never had problems with overheating so I will leave it this way. Good luck!

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