How to fix mobile internet connection in Android 2.2

Today I updated my HTC Desire to Android 2.2. The update was successful but I noticed one problem; my mobile internet didn’t connect any more. I found out that I had to add (or delete and add new) APN carrier settings in: Settings → Wireless & networks → Mobile networks → Access Point Names.

For a list of settings of Dutch and Belgium mobile network operators see this page.

2 thoughts on “How to fix mobile internet connection in Android 2.2

  1. Hi Marthijn,

    Friday I updated my wildfire to 2.2 and experienced the same problem: No mobile internet connection anymore. With other less restrictive search criteria I luckily found your site and also the solution to solve this issue. In the previous days other sites I found recommended clear storage, reset phone bladibla solutions….

    In my case I only needed to add the username and password to the existing APN.

    Thanks and a happy newyear!
    Dennis Nieland

  2. 1) Pull your battery
    2) Dial *2 talk or make a short active call, then hangup (this grabs a tower and speeds up the next step)
    3) menu>settings> about phone/system updates> update profile.
    Once complete test Google

    That outa do it.

    You can also always try a data Restore (##3282#) but you’ll need the MLS (Master Subsidy Lock Code) from a sprint rep or from Sprint Chat

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