Getting started with LaTeX and BibTeX in LEd

Recently I started writing a simple paper in LaTeX. Since I was only used to editors like Word and OpenOffice writing in LaTeX was completely different. In this post I’ll describe how to get started with LaTeX and BibTeX in a simple and free LaTeX editor for Windows called LEd. First of all, download LEd here and install it on your system. Make sure you install MiKTeX, a Windows implementation of Tex, as well if you not already have it.

Now startup LEd. In order to create a new paper go to File > New and on the Template tab choose Paper. In the file tree, open your .tex file. You will see something like this:

You can change the dots for anything you like and add text under the \section tags:

Now it’s time to compile the LaTeX document; press the green arrow button in the toolbar or F9. Press the blue arrow or F7 to create a PDF file (the file is stored in the same folder as your .tex file):

In scientific papers it’s quite common to refer to other papers. In order to manage this we use BibTeX. First create a .bib file adding a new file to the project: File → New and choose “Bibliography file in BibTeX format”. Name the file for example mybib and make sure to add it to the right project. Add the following example text to your .bib file:

In your .tex file, add the following commands before the \end{document} tag to enable the bibliography:

Now if you want to cite something simply type \cite and a window will popup containing all the entries in your bibliography:

Compile the bibliography file by pressing the blue book icon or F6. Then compile your LaTeX file and create a PDF. As you can see the bibliography is included in your document:

That’s all for now, for more information about the BibTeX format see this page. Enjoy LaTeX!

8 thoughts on “Getting started with LaTeX and BibTeX in LEd

  1. Hey, this helped me, thanks. I had trouble including the references properly because I was forgetting to compile the bibliography file.

  2. Hi,

    Thank you for your page. It does summarize all the important points on how to use a BibTeX in LEd. I have a problem though. I followed exactly your step-by-step guide but couldn’t produce the necessary references in the pdf file. I got [?]. While compiling BibTex file, I got the following error:

    I couldn’t open file name `ex4.aux’

    Can you help me please? Many thanks

  3. Heel erg bedankt man, je wilt echt niet weten hoe moeilijk dit te vinden was voor zo’n specifieke situatie. THX!

  4. Thanks man. I’ve been looking for solutions to compile the bib file in windows. It’s only your article that helps me!

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