Map Traktor’s Beat Phase Monitor to your Reloop Digital Jockey 2

In this video on YouTube you can see the LED of the Load A and Load B button blink on the Beat Phase Monitor of Traktor. In this post I’ll describe how to add this functionality to your Reloop Digital Jockey 2 mapping in Traktor.

In Traktor open the Controller Manager (in the Preferences window). Now press the Add Out.. button and choose Output > Beat Phase Monitor. For deck A modify the following settings:

  • Note: Ch01.Note.G0
  • Type of controller: LED
  • Modifier Conditions are all empty
  • Interaction mode: Output
  • Assignment: Deck A
  • Controller range min: 0
  • Controller range max: 0.5
  • Midi range min: 0
  • Midi range max: 127
  • Both Blend and Invert are off

Repeat this step for deck B, but now change Assignment to Deck B and Note to Ch01.Note.G5.

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