Building a Home Theater PC part 1

Last year I build a home server based on the Intel Atom platform. In my second post I mentioned building an HTPC with the same components, but I wasn’t really sure the current Atom processors and Nvidia ION platform could handle video decoding with a full HD resolution. Since a few weeks I’m looking for information how to build an HTPC running XBMC based on the latest Atom processors with Nvidia ION 2. I found this blog and I think I will use more or less the same parts because it’s a very good price/value solution.

I will use the following parts:

The total price is around 300 Euro.

Update March 24: The APlus Cupid 2 wasn’t available any more so I changed to the Jetway JC-110-B.

2 thoughts on “Building a Home Theater PC part 1

  1. I was looking at doing something similar.
    However I was looking at adding a 6TB NAS (1GB NIC) for DVD storage.
    The problem I have is how can you make it have two HDMI outputs. This is so that the two TV’s can have their own movie/TV signal from the one system.
    Or would you suggest two systems talking to the one NAS?

  2. Hi Ian,
    You can connect 2 tv’s by using the HDMI and DVI (with a HDMI converter) port. However, I don’t think it’s possible that the two tv’s play their own movie from one system.
    When you use a NAS you don’t need a HTPC but just a streaming device/media player (e.g. a Boxee Box). Make sure the media player can play all the video formats you want and when you stream full HD content I suggest to use a wired gigabit network. I think it’s possible when you use a NAS to stream to multiple media players so you can watch movies on multiple tv’s, probably the only bottleneck is the read-speed of the NAS’ hard disks when both media players are reading content at the same time.
    Good luck!

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