How to fix the map change crash in Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3 owners could experience black (loading) screens during a map change when playing online. For me this only occurs when playing on Back to Karkand servers. I found this video explaining the solution: update PunkBuster manually.

Update Dec. 30 2011: Since my BF3 crashes at a map change again it seems the PunkBuster solution (as explained below as well) was only a temporary fix, and there’s no permanent one yet. An official bug report can be found here.

  • Go to the support page of the PunkBuster website and download “pbsetup”
  • Run “pbsetup” and add Battlefield 3 by choosing “Add a game” in the menu
  • Select Battlefield 3 and choose “Check for updates”

2 thoughts on “How to fix the map change crash in Battlefield 3

  1. doesn`t work for me … first time was everything OK, but when I try to run BF next day problem was back again … any other solution? :/

  2. @nomak, happened to me as well, see the update in my post. I still haven’t found another solution, so for now I play on servers without map rotation.

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