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How to set up a PPTP VPN server on Ubuntu

Nowadays free public WiFi networks are available in many areas, for example in airports, restaurants or public transportation. A major disadvantage of a public WiFi network is security. You can’t be sure no one stealing sensitive data by eavesdropping the connections. A solution is to setup a secure/encrypted channel to a Virtual Private Network (VPN). When using a VPN and you connect to for instance your webmail, the data is sent via the VPN. In this post I’ll describe how to set up a PPTP VPN server on Ubuntu. Using PPTP you can not only connect your laptop, but also your Android or iOS (iPhone or iPad) devices.

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How to send an e-mail from your Android app

I’m developing an Android application where the user must be able to send a file stored on the SD Card to a specific e-mail address. By using Android’s Intent class this is very easy. The following code snippet will bring up an e-mail application choose dialog.

How to fix mobile internet connection in Android 2.2

Today I updated my HTC Desire to Android 2.2. The update was successful but I noticed one problem; my mobile internet didn’t connect any more. I found out that I had to add (or delete and add new) APN carrier settings in: Settings → Wireless & networks → Mobile networks → Access Point Names.

For a list of settings of Dutch and Belgium mobile network operators see this page.