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How to stop Traktor from editing ID3 tags

A few days ago I was trying a demo version of Traktor Pro. When playing some tracks I discovered the ID3 tags were missing when viewing the files in Windows Explorer. According to this topic Traktor changes the ID3 tags from version 2.3 to version 2.4 which can’t be read by Windows 7, so it’s not really a bug but rather annoying. In this post I’ll describe how to run Traktor as a different user in Windows 7 so it has no permissions to modify files any more. This solution is mentioned in this topic.

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CUE files for radio shows

I frequently download the radio shows of Armin van Buuren (A State Of Trance) and Above & Beyond (Trance Around The World). The download sources provide one single mp3 file, and therefore skipping tracks in the radio show is not very easy. A CUE Player plugin for Winamp is able to ‘split’ this file and show all the tracks as single files in the playlist (without actually splitting the file to separate mp3 files). Now the only problem is, where to get cue files. Recently I found a very nice site providing a lot of cue files for various radio shows: CueNation. By using this tool you can create your own cue files.